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MLW Open World Cup 2022 Prizes

The table of prizes are shown below. The more that enter the more money in the pot!

This will only be updated when someone has registered whether they have paid or not.

The prize pot will be distributed as follows:

Group 1st       12%    Knockout 1st     12%     Overall        1st      30%           

Group 2nd      6%     Knockout 2nd    6%      Overall        2nd      12.5%

Most `near' misses on match predictions       5.5%

Admin costs     15% = £0

Recommendations =  (£0)

Based on 0 competitors (£0 pot £0 after admin fees and recommendation reductions):

15% is removed for admin fees (for Uxello) and any costs from Paypal and discounts for recommendations.

Group Knockout Overall
1st     £ 1st     £

1st     £

2nd    £ 2nd    £ 2nd    £
    `Near' Miss    £



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